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Research - Ph.D./D.Sc.

Ph.D. - Part I Paper I Research Methodology Examination – July 2021 session -  RESULT - (Published on 17.09.2021)

D.Sc. Ph.D.
D.Sc. Awardees Ph.D. Regulations 2010
D.Sc. Honoris Causa Prescribed qualifications to pursue Ph.D  Research Programme
D.Sc. Regulations  2010 Ph.D. Guide List
  Ph.D. Recognised Departments / Institutions
  Ph.D. Road Map
  University Publications - Ph.D.
  Application form for renewal of Guideship / Co-Guideship.
  Ph. D  Research Department Inspection Form
  The Ph.D candidates who are applying for Eligibility Certificate are directed to remit Eligibility Certificate fee of Rs.2500/- along with Rs.450/-GST 18%(Totally Rs.2,950/-) for both session (January / July).          

Ph.D. Results


Ph.D - Thesis


Old versions

Ph.D. Regulations 2010 - (as resolved in the 54th SAB )

Modifications made in the existing regulations for Ph.D. 2010 (as resolved in the 44th SAB-15.06.2012).

Candidates applying for Ph.D. Provisional Registration in this University should obtain Eligibility Certificate from the University from July 2012 Session onwards.

The request from candidates who submit their proposals without Eligibility Certificate will be summarily REJECTED.

Click here to download Eligibility Certificate

AGENDA 212 (42) DATED : 27.06.2012

Request of Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai to Declare as Ph.D. Centre

The Commissioner of Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy has requested to declare Govt. Siddha Medical College, Chennai as a Ph.D. Centre. It was resolved that the institution which come under the MOU with the University shall apply for Department recognition for Ph.D. Programme with recognition fee but without the inspection fee. All institutions which do not come within the MOU should apply as per Ph.D. regulations of this University.



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