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Department of Curriculum Development and Medical Education

               The Department of Curriculum Development and Medical Education was established with grant from the Government of Tamil Nadu under Part II Scheme started functioning from June 2000 and was formed with the primary purpose of keeping the Medical, Dental, Pre and Para–clinical Curriculum abreast with the advances in the Health Professionals Education and aims to develop need based curricula and also to introduce Research and  innovations in Medical, Dental Pre and Para clinical  education.

        The Department of Medical Education and Curriculum Development involves a series of organizational methods that are focused on achieving optimal student comprehension and application. Growing economic trends and changing lifestyles lead to increased health burden to healthcare system.
        This University has been approved by the Medical Council of India for conducting Continued Educative Programs. The University is providing Financial Assistance to the affiliated colleges to conduct CME Programs and Credit Points are also allotted for the CEP along with certificates.
        The University is pioneer in Tele-education and its effort in exposing the students community and faculty to this technological tool in Medical Education is widely appreciated.
        Curriculum Development in Medical Education should be methodical and scholarly, yet a practical process that addresses the needs of trainees, patients and the society.


     The increasing Internationalisation of Medical Profession has created the need for Globalisation of Medical Education. We have to train our Professionals to International standards.
  • There has been vast changes in Medical Education because of
    • Intrinsic factors such as advancement in knowledge and technology.
    • Extrinsic factors such as changes in expectations in the health care delivery.

  • According to the MCI recommendations of 1997, the Medical Education should be:
    • Student – centered
    • Community oriented
    • Problem based and
    • Integrated

      The MCI has recommended setting-up of Medical Education units in all Medical Colleges way back. The Department of Medical Education and Curriculum Development focuses on training the core group of trainers who will be in the Medical Education unit and will train others in turn.  Our focus of attention is on exposing the teaching faculty of the Medical colleges to the current concepts in Medical Education.


  • The Goal of the Dept of Curriculum Development & Medical Education is to create the Curricula that will be providing Medical, Dental, Pre / Para Medical Graduates with essential knowledge, High skills and Attitude to carry out their respective duties in the Health care delivery and to frames the Guidelines.

  • With this in mind, there is constant upgrading and revamping of the syllabi to suit the current changing / challenging developments in Medical, Dental, Pre and Para clinical subjects.

  • Curriculum is being modified and improvised to address the new age and life style diseases and to facilitate the re-emergence of the concept of a family physician.


  • One of the main aims of the University is to transform the acquired Medical Expertise into holistic approach aimed at Comprehensive health care for the entire society irrespective of strata without lacunae.

  • This aim is achieved by a major contribution from the Department of Medical Education and Curriculum Development Department.This Department offers courses of limited duration focusing into areas of sub specializations at Graduate and Post Graduate levels which form subsets of existing specialties offered by the University.

  • This Department of Medical Education offers a wise array of 220 courses under broad categories namely Post Doctoral Fellowship Programs, Medical and Dental Fellowship Programs,  and Allied Health Science Courses apart from Council governed courses.


  • The objectives of the Department are:

    • to bring about reforms in the existing  Curricula of Medical, Dental, Pre and Para clinical courses.

    • to implement innovative approaches towards Teaching, Learning and in Research.

    • the Faculty Development and their capacity Building Programs for updating the knowledge and skills of  Training of the Trainers in the process of growth and development of Medical Education.

          The University has planned to provide new courses that would ensure quality care for a diverse population in an ever changing healthcare sector through Education modules that focus on primary care medicine with impetus on critical thinking. The curriculum of the new course will reflect on this higher academic standard while maintaining the excellent outcomes.

Workshop Conducted

  • Workshops conducted for UG medical students as a part of university research day 2023
  •  a) Hands on Workshop in Immunology 

     b) Hands on Workshop on Research.
     c) University  Research Day 2023-ARIVELVI-Competitions conducted  for UG medical students of the Affiliated Institutions on 26th Sept . 
         1. Research paper -oral podium presentation,
         2.Poster / Rare case presentation.
         5. Essay writing
         6,MEME creation,
         7, Short film making
         8.,Debate, .
               Winners were awarded with Medal & Certificates.

  • Workshop on "Introduction to Current Concepts in Medical Education" was held at  Chennai, Madurai, and Trichy for the faculties of  all Medical Colleges.
  • Seminar and workshop on "Global Perspectives in Medical Education" held at Chennai and Experts from UK, Nepal, Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Bangalore have attended the meeting.

  • Workshop on "Objective Structured Practical Examination" held at Chennai.(OSPE)

  • A Training of "Trainers Programme" organized at NTIC, JIPMER, Pondicherry.

  • Workshop on “Problem Based Learning” in collaboration with MCI was held at  Chennai.
  • Workshop on “Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research” held at Chennai.

Future Plans of the Department

  • Conducting more number of Medical Educative Programs on Health related topics  to create awareness.

  • Starting of New courses (Allied Health Sciences, Fellowship and Post Doctoral Fellowship) in all the sub-specialties.

  • Upgrading and revamping of the Syllabi to suit the current changing / challenging developments and also being modified to address the new age and life style diseases.

  • To get recognition of  this  University as a “Regional Nodal Centre for Faculty Development Program” from  National Medical commission.

  • To get approval of the State Government for a Constituent College to recognize the University as a Regional Nodal  Centre.

  • To induct innovations in our curriculum, the University is actively engaged in dialogue with Foreign Universities for ideas in teaching methods, to conduct CME Programs and Curriculum Development.

  • Signing of MOUs with Foreign Health Universities for exchange of programs between the students.

  • Facilitating Multi Centric research activities.
  • Signing of MOU with SAMEER to develop Artificial Intelligence In Medical Research
  • Signing of MOU with IIT-M to upscale the  Research in Medical sciences.

Health Virtual Learning Programme

    The Department of Medical Education and Curriculum Development in collaboration with IIT Madras under National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India, New Delhi has developed Curriculum based Educational Video Lectures for the benefit of students/faculties and making it available for retrieval at any time / anywhere.The University has proposed to start Health Virtual Learning Program for Medical, Dental, AYUSH and Allied Health Science students as well as for Faculties.

Establishment of Research Consortium and Collaborative Research Programme

  • It has been proposed to establish Research Consortium comprising the Affiliated Institutions as its members for procurement of High-End-Equipments, Computers, Servers, etc., for jointly conducting Research in areas cater to the needs of future generation Health Care Solutions.  In the second phase, this Research Consortium Memberships may be extended to selective Health Research Organizations under Collaborative Research Program in order to attain the goal “Health for All”.

    • Establishment of  Bio repository

    • Establishment of Multi-disciplinary Research Units

Application of Advances in Technology in Health Care

  • It has also been proposed to enter into Memorandum of Understanding with Society for Applied Microwave Electronic Engineering and Research (SAMEER), Centre for Electromagnetic (CEM) Team, CIT Campus, Chennai, in connection with application of Artificial Intelligence and  Machine Learning in Medicine and Research.

    • Establishment of Image repository

    • Developing AI / ML based Mining.

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Dr. S.T. RADHIGA, M.D.,    [Read More]
Professor and HOD,
Dept. of Curriculum Development and Medical Education,
The Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University,
No.69, Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai-32
Phone: 91 44 22355120 / 94440 41967
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