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Student Welfare Supportive Service Centre

The Student Welfare Supportive Service Centre

Report Prepared by : A. Arul Paul, Social Welfare Officer


The Student Supportive Service Centre is a new programe that has launched by the Honorable Vice-chancellor of this University on 1.8.2011 with three Social Welfare Officers. The unique features of this new centre are to provide various welfare services to the deserving and needy students. By means of guidance and counseling the students are provided with required information, clarifications and also helped to address their grievances so that they can pursue their studies without much of hassles.

Professional Social work and Student service centre:

Social work is a recent branch of knowledge which mainly adopts the philosophy of ‘helping a person to help himself’ – mainly the psycho-social problems. Counseling, an integral part of the social work helps in interpersonal communication in which feelings thoughts and attitudes are expressed, explored and clarified. Counseling is an active process of communication and dialogue between a trained professional and a client / Student community who present with problems related to their Personal, Academic, Social, and Financial.

Work of the Student welfare Supportive service centre:

The centre has rendered the professional services to all AffiliatedColleges and Students. During the period from August 2011 and 494 Students have been benefited from the Centre, in which 290 students are Male and 204 students are Female,

The Nature of work in this Centre is as follows.

  • Helping the Students in General Issues
  • Guiding and Supporting the Students
  • Psycho-Social Supportive counseling

Helping the Students in General issues:

Generally, students come to the University seeking academic information. They may also need clarifications on their education. The students approach the University on matters relating to Examinations; Certificates; NOC; Migration; HRD verification; and Academic issues. The Students Welfare Supportive Service Centre is helping the students in getting the required information then and there and as a result they leave the University with a sense of satisfaction.

Guiding and Supporting the Students:

Majority of the students need guidance even in routine matters like writing the Requisition letters to the Higher Officials of this University, simple procedures to follow and addressing the proper departments concerned. These problems were identified by the Social welfare Officers and they offer the necessary Guidance and Support to the Students. In short, the students get the best possible information from the Student welfare centre.

Psycho-Social Supportive Counseling:

The most important and valuable services that the students get from the Students Welfare Supportive service centre are the professional Counseling and Guidance towards their various emotional distress and negative thoughts. Some of the problems like suicidal thoughts, Nightmares and frustrations in life are common among the students. They are helped to improve their coping mechanism so that they are able to get along well with their parents, friends and others whom they come into contact in day to day life.

A group of Students came from JeevaCollege of nursing approached the Centre for seeking possible solution of their Academic, Psychological and Economic problem. The Centre was carefully reviewed the problem and provided the Psychological support and arranged for them to meet Registrar of this University to take further course of action to complete their studies.

In General the Effective Psychological Counseling was given to individuals and parents to over come their stress full situation and motivated them to come out all negative thoughts and act upon as a positively.


In a short span of its existence, the Student Welfare Supportive service centre has impressed the Student Community. As a result there has been overall improvement in the attitude and academic performance among the students.

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