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Results - Allied Health Sciences - March/Aug./Sept./Oct./Nov/Dec. 2020

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  B.Pharmacy /M.Pharmacy Degree Course  [Semester Pattern]  Link to view Result page/Date of Publication

The candidates may view the results of B.Pharm/M.Pharm. (Semester system) in the link given

  The affiliated institutions may download the Results Galley in the link given     
The user name is <instcode>R2. For example, The user name for 001.MMC is 001R2 The password is the default password.
  M.Pharm. I, II, IV Semester Nov.2019  
   M.Pharm. III semester Nov.2019  


Course Published on Course       published on 
M.Sc. Nursing First Year   M.Sc. Nursing Second Year -   
B.Sc. Nursing First Year     B.Sc. Nursing Second Year   
B.Sc. Nursing Third Year     B.Sc. Nursing Final Year    
Post Basic Nursing First Year      Post Basic Nursing Final  Year (Aug.2020)    21.01.2021
Pharm.D. Post Bacc. Fourth Year    Pharm.D. Post Bacc. Final Year       
Pharm.D. First Year     Pharm.D. Second Year    
Pharm.D. Third Year    Pharm.D. Fourth Year    
Pharm.D. Final Year        
M Pharm. First Semester (May 2019)   M.Pharm. Second Semester   
M.Pharm Third Semester    M.Pharm. Fourth Semester  
M Pharm. First Year (Non Sem.)    M.Pharm. Second Year   
B.Pharm. First Year     B.Pharm. Second Year   
B.Pharm. Third Year     B.Pharm. Fifth Semester    25.01.2021
M.Pharm. I ,II,IV Nov 2019 (Semester)


 M.Pharm. III semester Nov.2019  
M.P.T. First Year     M.P.T Second Year   
B.P.T. First Year     B.P.T. Second Year    
B.P.T. Third Year      B.P.T. Final Year   
Occupational Therapy
M.O.T. First Year    M.O.T. Second Year   
B.O.T. First Year    B.O.T. Second Year  
B.O.T. Third Year    B.O.T. Final Year      
                 AHS - M.Phil. and P.G. DEGREE
M.Phil Clinical Social Work     M.Phil Clinical psychology  (October 2018)
M.Sc Biostatistics      M.Sc.  Medical Laboratory Technology    
M.Sc. Biochemistry   M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition   
M.Sc. Microbiology   M.Sc. Health Informatics Medicine  
M.Sc. Medical Sociology    M.Sc. Regenerative Medicine  
M.Sc. Medical Physics       M.Sc. Optometry Technology  
M.Sc. Molecular Virology     M.Sc.Epidemiology    
M.Sc. Hospital Informatics Systems and Telemedicine   Master of Hospital Administration (AHS)  
M.Sc. Anatomy   M.Optom.     
M.Sc. Physiology   M.A.S.L.P  
M.Sc. Critical Care Technology       
M.Sc. Sports and Fitness Nutrition      
M.Sc. Radiology and Imaging Technology    M.SC. Public Health   
P.G.Diploma in Health Promotion and Education     P.G.Diploma in Medical Lab. Technology  
P.G.Diploma in Learning Disability     P.G.Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology  
P.G.Diploma in Public Health Entomology   P.G.Diploma in Ward Administration  
P.G.Diploma in Diabetes Education     P.G Diploma In Biomechanics and Kinesiology In Sports And Fitness  
P.G.Diploma in Emergency Medical Technology    P. G.Diploma In Exercise Physiology In Sports And Fitness  

8004 - B.Sc. in Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology,

  8022 - B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition      

8005 - B.Sc. Dialysis Technology,

  8019 – B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy   

8011 – B.Sc. Radiotheraphy Technology,

  8018 - B.Sc. in Neuro Electro Physiology,  

8013 - B.Sc. in  Nuclear Medicine Technology,  

  8017 - Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics  

8014 - B.Sc. in Medical Sociology,

B.Sc. Optometry     B.Sc. in Radiotherapy Technology    
B.Sc. in Accident & Emergency Care Technology   B.Sc. in Radio Diagnosis Technology   
B.Sc. in Operation Theatre & Anesthesia Technology   B.Sc. in Nuclear Medicine Technology   
B.Sc. in Critical Care Technology I -III year   B.Sc. in Medical Sociology     
B.Sc. in Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology    B.Sc. in Optometry   

B.Sc. in Dialysis Technology


8016  Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

B.Sc. in Cardiac Technology    Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics    
B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology    B.Sc. in Nuclear Medicine Technology  
B.Sc. in Physician Assistant     B.Sc. in Respiratory Therapy   
B.Sc in  Medical Record Science     B.Optom   
B.Sc. in Radiology & Imaging Technology  - III YR.   B.Sc. in Neuro Electro Physiology   
B.Sc. Fitness and Lifestyle Modification    B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition    
B.Sc. in Microbiology    Certificate course in Community Health Care  
B.Sc. in Radiology & Imaging Technology  - I & II YR.      
B.Sc. in Radiography and Imaging Technology (I Yr)       
Diploma in Accident & Emergency Care Technology    Diploma in Dental Assistance  
Diploma in Operation Theatre & Anesthesia Technology  01.12.2020 Diploma in Podiatry   
Diploma in Critical Care Technology (I Year) 01.12.2020 Diploma in Dental Hygienist  
Diploma in Medical Record Sciences     Diploma in Dental Mechanics  
Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology   01.12.2020 Diploma in Operating Room Assistant  
Diploma in Optometry Technology ( I & II yr.)  01.12.2020 Diploma in Cardiac Non-Invasive Technology   
Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing Assistant (II Yr.)  01.12.2020 Diploma in Dialysis Technology   
Diploma in Scope Support Technology   Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology   
Diploma in Nursing Aide   08.06.2020  Diploma in Learning Disability   
Diploma in Health Care Aide  08.06.2020  Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant (I & II Yr.)  
 Diploma in Radiography and Imaging Technology (I Yr)  01.12.2020    
Certificate Course In Community Health Care       

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