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The revised results of MD (DVL) is being published.

Dear Faculty members and Students,

    Due to a technical snag on account of migrating from College Management System 1.0 (CMS 1.0) to College Management System 2.0 (CMS 2.0) there had been shuffling of some columns of Section A & Section B in the Mark Sheets 

      Wherever there are Section A and Section B in the Question Papers, this kind of Shuffling  has occurred.

      In MD & MS Medical Broad Speciality Degrees, the splitting of Sec A and Sec B in the Question Paper occurs only in MD (DVL) .

     The migration error has been fortunately found out and rectified.

    The revised results of MD (DVL) is being published.  We regret the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.  The revised results published now are final

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